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J.W. Goethe


I'm Jacqueline, a wedding filmmaker from Karlsruhe (GER). For many years I have been accompanying my brides and grooms across Europe on the most beautiful day of their lives.

„In wedding videography I can combine my two biggest passions music and moving images in an artful manner."

As singer-songwriter I have a distinctive sense for tone and sound. That's why I set value on a harmonic sound arrangement which forms through the symphony of music, speeches and original sound. My long-lasting experience in professional music video production as an artist - in front of and as director behind the camera facilitates me with a subtle approach to videography. This enables me to emphatise with you and in so doing record your moments in a cautious way.

„I love telling the magic of a wedding in a film."

It's the touching moments, the emotional speeches, the tears of joy and the happy faces which arouse this wish within my soul to create wedding films over and over again. Being a wedding videographer to me means putting irreproducible moments on record for eternity and to make people happy. I have found my personal way of self-fulfilment.

„My bridal couples are more than just customers for me."

I will be at your side throughout the entire pre-planning period and will be happy to support you in creating the weddingday schedule with my long-lasting experience. So that you can let yourself fall, a harmonic working relationship is essential. That's why I absolutely want to get to know you in a non-binding call and hear about your own personal story. 


„JACQUELINE ALICE GOUTIER, an exclusive wedding videographer impresses with stirring, emotional films in an exquisite romantic style. Outstanding is her skilful integration of original sounds and touching speeches of the wedding day. Her sensitive way of storytelling is unique and makes you experience the spirit of love and celebration. The most incredible sparkler exits and your personal masterpiece are crafted here: and @jacquelinealicegoutier on instagram.“British Vogue

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